Hosting Services


With deep expertize in the management of Safety applications (like Argus SafetyEasy PV), we can host your Safety Database on our cloud in a secure and reliable environment. You are assured a world class hosting facility that is fully compliant with all requisite geography-specific certifications.

We assist our clients in maximizing their return on investment by improving efficiencies and saving time, money and effort. We have proven project plans and sequencing to minimize rework loops and reduce project duration. Our third party system knowledge, including Argus SafetyEasy PV, Aris, and Perceive, helps us leverage pre-built artifacts to reduce cost and time to market.

Hosted Environment:

  • Safety Database hosted on cloud
  • Pre-validated Argus Safety application
  • Client DB specific, multi-tenant and single-tenant set-ups
  • QMS
  • Country specific certifications
  • Disaster recovery and RTO/RPO
  • Alignment to data privacy and protection requirements

Safety System Implementation/Upgradation:

  • Benefit-risk evaluation, safety risk management and execution
  • Signal detection
  • Responding to safety-related queries from internal and external sources
  • Responding to HA Assessment reports
  • Ad-hoc reports

Our Services

Dedicated Customer Teams & Agile Services

Our strong team of experts ensures the professionalism, expertize, timeliness & cost efficiency required to ensure that your plans are carried out as needed.