Single Cases


CONTINUUM India specializes in the management of ICSRs originating from various sources for human and veterinary pharmacovigilance:
Single cases for human and veterinary pharmacovigilance
  • Spontaneous
  • Clinical/Solicited
  • Literature
  • Health Authority
  • Business Partners (E2B)
  • Legal
  • Social Media

The scientists and physicians at CONTINUUM have deep expertize in management of activities across the spectrum for ICSRs:

  • Case Intake & Triage
  • Case creation/Duplicate detection
  • Data entry & MedDRA coding
  • Quality Check
  • Medical Review
  • Follow-up queries and tracking

CONTINUUM deploys unique work management tools to ensure extremely high compliance and well formulated strategy to deliver high quality services.

CONTINUUM also offers the following allied services in support of case processing:

  • Compliance and Quality Monitoring
  • Independent Quality Review
  • SAE Reconciliation
  • Management of bolus cases
  • Migration of safety data/legacy data

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